Live Casino Bonus: Increase your chances to win

Live casino bonus games are now the most popular feature of online casinos. Giving players the chance to experience a real casino environment whilst sitting in their living room, lying in bed or even sitting on a beach somewhere has improved turnover greatly. Where once there were only video game. Style versions of all the most popular casino games, now there are real dealers online who make the games much more genuine.

Thanks to web cameras and microphones a player can watch the live action. Playing the game he or she is involved in and even talk to the dealer if they so wish.

If you love to play live casino games you will love the online live versions. You can sign up with any of our handpicked casinos. They offer real time play in live casino games today and start off with free money thanks to a live casino bonus. There are bonuses to be had which range from 100% to 250%.

How to choose live casino that offers best bonus

Almost every online casino now offers sign up bonuses. The live casino games market is the most rapidly growing within the gambling world. And every single online casino wants their huge piece of the pie. As a result they need lucrative offers with which to get you to play with them.

The most popular live casino bonus is given to new players!

Upon sign up they offer a first deposit bonus. Here they will match your first deposit with anything from 100% to 250% of the initial amount. This means that the more you deposit the more free money you get. Beware though because the money isn’t completely free. There are rules and you will need to stake the bonus amount several ties before you can withdraw it or any winnings you made from it. It can often be anywhere between 30 and 50 times that the amount must be staked.

Some casinos offer even more bonuses. They might entice you with free spins on slot machines. Or they might give you more cash bonuses. Some offer 100% on a first deposit, 50% on your second and 25% on the third. Some offer a weekly or monthly bonus on your deposits of up to 100%. And some choose players at random to give cash bonuses to periodically.

There really are a lot of bonuses to be had and you need to choose the best one for you that suits the way you play.

Which live casino games to play

With a wealth of live casino games with real dealers to choose from it’s difficult to decide which of them to play your bonus money on.

Baccarat, roulette, poker and blackjack are all available, sometimes with different variations.

Roulette is probably the best for excitement and poker is definitely the most popular live casino game thanks to TV coverage of it, but blackjack might be the game for you. There is strategy involved in blackjack playing and it might make your free money last longer and give you the greatest chance of winning.

Try for free first

You might well have chosen the online casino which offers the best live casino bonus for new players, but why risk your own money or even the bonus money? You can get to know the live casino games with real dealers much better in practice mode. The casino will give you an amount of virtual money which you can use to practice and learn the individual games before you play them for real. Just remember it’s only virtual money and anything you win is also virtual and can’t be cashed out.

There are plenty of opportunities for a live casino bonus. When you sign up as a new player with an online casino and in some cases regularly or periodically as you continue to play. Find the best bonus package that suits the way you play. Some are geared to heavy hitting high rollers and others better suit small stakes casual players.

There are many live casino games with real dealers which you can enjoy when playing your live casino bonus money and the fun can start right now!