Live Casino Baccarat Game: What you need to know

There was a time when online casinos offered only video versions of the most popular casino games. But now there are live casino versions of these with real dealers, There is even a live casino baccarat game.

Live casinos work by having a live feed via webcam straight to your PC through the casinos servers. This means that you get to see real live pictures of the game you’re playing and you can even interact with the real, human dealer if you so wish.

Live dealer casino baccarat creates all the excitement

This popular card game as if experienced in an actual casino, but from the comfort of your own home. Playing baccarat in real time is much more fun than playing a video game version of it. And it is offered by all online casinos that have live casino games with real dealers.

If baccarat is a new game to you, don’t worry as many online casinos offer you the chance to play the game for free in a practice mode which you can do without registering or creating an account. Once you have mastered the game of baccarat and you’re ready to play with real money you can open an account with an online casino which has live casino games with real dealers and receive a 100% first deposit bonus.

Live Casino games to try: Baccarat online

You might not be familiar with baccarat, but remember it’s a game James Bond used to play so it is considered quite sophisticated. It doesn’t need to be too difficult either!

There are three main varieties of baccarat that online casinos:

  •  Punto Banco
  •  Chemin de Fer
  •  Baccarat Banque

Punto Banco is far and above the most popular live casino baccarat game and is a six deck game (minus jokers). Play progresses in a clockwise direction around the table according to the rules and all cards are dealt face up by the dealer.

Chemin de Fer is different in that cards are dealt face down and bets are placed without knowing the value of your cards. This is the only baccarat game where the player has the option to take an extra card if he or she so wishes. The cards can be dealt by any player at the table and not just the dealer.

Baccarat Banque is similar to Chemin de Fer, but the role of dealer does not change throughout each shoe.

There are many other lesser known variations of baccarat available at different live casinos with real dealers, some of them often exclusive to the particular casino in which you’re playing.

Punto Banco is the most popular, but if you can play one form of baccarat you can play them all.

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Basic rules of baccarat

Baccarat is a relatively simple game where the cards have a value as seen on the card (A-9 +1-9; 10 and picture cards are 0) and you must beat the dealer or banker’s hand as it is known. Even money or 1:1 is the odds paid on beating the dealer.

There are certain rules regarding when you can stand and when you must draw, which for the dealer is a similar rule to blackjack, but different from a player’s perspective.

Practising the game at an online live casino with real dealers for free in practice mode is the best way to learn the game properly.

Live dealer baccarat bonuses

Increase your betting bank and therefore your chances of winning. Take advantage of a live casino with real dealers introductory bonus offer. Many will match your first deposit with at least 100%.  That doubles your baccarat gambling warchest, so the more you deposit the more free money you will get. Remember, though that any bonuses generally needed to be played through between 30 and 50 times before they can be withdrawn from your online casino account.

Live dealer baccarat is a fun and exciting game and is best enjoyed at an online casino with live dealers. You’ll feel like you’re gambling in a proper casino and who knows, you might feel like James Bond and become a big winner too!

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